Killisou chapur and thank you for visiting the Northwest Unified Schools. We are a small group of outer islands in Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia comprising of 17 schools for over 1,000 students. In July 2012 during a leadership summit on Onoun, the Northwest delegation comprising of teachers, principals, mayors, PTA representatives, municipal council chairs, traditional chiefs passed and signed a resolution agreeing to unify all the schools together into one region. It is in support of this self-empowering grassroots movement to improve our own schools that we created this website.

Today we are moving forward in our attempt to help our own schools. We believe we can do it with the help of the State, the nation, the global community, and our sons and daughters living overseas in the US mainland, Guam, Hawaii, and elsewhere. We extend an invitation to people of goodwill to help us in our quest to improve our own schools for the sake of our children.

For ways to help the Northwest region, please visit our Fanapi Foundation (www.fanapi.org) with the mission to raise funds and provide technical assistance to support the needs in the outer islands of the Northwest region in Chuuk, FSM. Feel free to contact our consultant, Dr. Vidalino Raatior (vid@fanapi.org) directly for ways to help any of the Northwest Unified Schools projects and initiatives.